Youth Ministries at SMBC student ministry exists to help students discover and respond to God's love, experience life changing community, and grow in our understanding and friendship with Jesus. Our ministry is built around relationships. God shows himself through people caring for each other and that is what we focus on in youth ministry. Our ministry is centered on the incredible volunteers and staff that share their lives and faith with our students. The youth pastor of our church hangs out with the youth group, leads in discussions about God and life and get together with them to support and challenge the students in their faith journey.

Sunday mornings we have Bible studies for the Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers that invite them to plunge into the Word to discover what God desires for their lives as Christian men and women.

We do a lot of special events. Purely goofy and fun events to connect students to our group, retreats to build relationships and stretch students in their faith, mission trips and service projects to help them see how God wants to use them to impact the world.

SMBC has always been incredibly supportive of youth ministry and we are thankful to be a part of its vision to change students lives by helping them experience God.

If you would like a more personal introduction, please call us at the church office, (661) 746-4969 or Information Line (661) 746-5299. The church address is 400 Kern St. Shafter, CA

VISION STATEMENT To build the body of Christ at Shafter Mennonite Brethren Church by equipping people for Christ-like maturity and for reaching unbelievers in our community, nation and world.

Senior Pastor- Patrick Coyle

Youth Pastor- Brent Cummings

Junior High Ministry.

High School Ministry.